Short trip to beautiful Salzburg – Austria

20 Dez Short trip to beautiful Salzburg – Austria

Salzburg DEC 16

Last week my girlfriend and I visited the beautiful city of Salzburg(Austria)! It was a sunny saturday afternoon when we arrived there after a 2 hour car ride from Munich! To be honest, searching a parking spot there, in december on such a wonderful winterday wasn’t that easy 🙂 I recommend parking in one of the big garages, even if you have to wait a little!


We were strolling through all these lovely christmas markets alongside the lake „Inn“ and took some pictures you might have already seen on my instagram account.

In the evening we were going up an elevator to the museum of modern arts where we had a wonderful view on
the whole city!


It wasn’t the first time I visited Salzburg and definitely not the last time. I recommend going there in the winter time because of it´s christmas markets, but ist cool in summer as well.


My next trips will be Berlin and Venice!


So stay tuned for new bloposts coming soon…and also check out my last travel blogpost about our trip to Sardinia.


Daniel Toni